Sunday, January 16, 2022

Prankster has googly eyes on Adelaide’s biggest ads and got locals stinging

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An anonymous prankster from Adelaide, Australia has eyes glued to advertisements across the city, including KFC’s mascot The Colonel, and people are left in awe of the artist’s work

A savvy Adelaide artist is changing the city’s landscape by adding giant googly eyes to some of the biggest commercials hitting the streets.

The anonymous Aussie prankster has spent the last few days putting wide-eyed eyes on some of the most famous faces, and has let residents down with the results.

The prankster’s most impressive feat to date is putting googly eyes on the Colonel mascot on the KFC drive-thru bucket.

Several people shared their confusion on social media as they wondered how the one-trick artist climbed so high without being spotted.

One woman wrote: “How did someone climb so high?”

Another victim of the googly-eyed bandit is Dan Murphy’s face in Welland, Australia, with commenters joking that Dan may need to drink less.

One man joked, “Dan Murphy’s had a few too many tequilas.”

Another added: “Could be the most exciting thing that’s happened in Adelaide since… well, ever.”

It’s not just buildings that the comedian has his eye on, however, as Jim’s face with the fashion-forward eyes was also found on a van parked in the city’s Gawler Place.

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In another prank, “Jim,” a company that offers mowing, roofing, and air-conditioning repairs, put on the googly eyes.

People have been celebrating the prankster’s ingenuity online and are wondering where he’ll strike next.

The pranks were a welcome sight in South Australia, and viewers praised the pranks’ light-hearted work.

One said: “Great we need a little giggle these days.”

Another commented, “This is gold.”

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