Monday, January 17, 2022

North Korea may launch a “ballistic missile” on Kim Jong-un’s third launch this year

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Kim Jong-un’s rogue nation has fired another projectile east in North Korea’s possible third weapons test this month amid rising tensions

North Korea fired a “ballistic missile” on Kim Jong-un’s third launch this year, the South Korean military has revealed.

The projectile is the third rocket fired so far this year as tensions rise in the region.

Japan’s Coast Guard has confirmed that North Korea fired the missile that is said to have fallen.

A week ago last Tuesday, North Korea launched its second ballistic missile this year after claiming to have launched a “hyposonic missile” that successfully hit a target last Wednesday.

In his New Year’s message, Kim Jong-un pledged to strengthen his military in response to the unstable international outlook.

All North Korean ballistic missiles and nuclear tests have been banned by UN Security Council resolutions.

The country has said it is open to talks with the United States if they drop “hostile policies” including sanctions.

North Korea argues that the missile tests and other military activities are in self-defense and are similar to those of other nations.

Today, however, the US command – responsible for protecting America from aerial threats – rushed to determine if the missile might be able to hit the country.

A US lawmaker said it was “ugly” as defense officials “didn’t have a good sense of its capabilities”.

Initial telemetry readings, which can sometimes be inaccurate, suggested the missile could pose a threat as far away as the Aleutian Islands off Alaska or the California coast, CNN reported.

As the situation quickly escalated, the Federal Aviation Administration grounded some planes on the west coast of America.

When pilots questioned the reason for the grounding, air traffic controllers pointed to a national ground stop that has not been used since 9/11.

Defense Department spokesman John Kirby told reporters, “What we’re seeing here is just the normal process of coordination and communication, from which some decisions were made early on that probably didn’t need to be made.”

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