Sunday, January 16, 2022

"Nobody can be fired" – Institution-related compulsory vaccination – clinics see big problems

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All workers are currently needed in the healthcare sector. But how will unvaccinated staff be dealt with from mid-March? Clinics and Verdi criticize the ambiguous legal situation.

The German Hospital Society (DKG) and the Verdi trade union see great legal uncertainty in the implementation of the corona vaccination requirement in facilities with vulnerable people such as clinics and nursing homes. “From March 15th we have to report to the health authorities from whom we have not received proof of vaccination,” said DKG boss Gerald Gass to the newspapers of the Funke media group (Friday).

Then, according to him, the health department would have to approach these people, set them a deadline by which they would have to provide proof and then inform the hospitals about the current status.

“But it is unclear what that means for us if the employees do not present proof of vaccination from March 15th,” says Gass. “Do we then release the employees? And has that been clearly clarified under labor law?” According to the DKG lawyers, it is not.

The health expert on the Verdi federal board, Sylvia Bühler, told the newspapers: “In our view, nobody should be fired because of the facility-related vaccination requirement.” No one should be completely lost to the healthcare system, all workers are needed. “Therefore: dismissals may not be pronounced. That is our political and legal view.”

The so-called facility-related corona vaccination obligation was decided in mid-December: Employees in facilities with vulnerable people such as clinics and nursing homes must prove by March 15, 2022 that they have been vaccinated or have recovered.

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