Sunday, January 16, 2022

News blog Covid-19 arson attack on the health department in Rhineland-Palatinate

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The front door of the health authority in Germersheim was set on fire during the night. The district administrator assumes a targeted attack. All information in the news blog.

A severe corona wave is shaking Germany: In many regions, the number of infections and deaths is high, hospitals are again overloaded. Now a new variant is causing the experts additional concerns: Omikron. More than 72 percent of citizens are fully vaccinated.

An arson attack is believed to have been carried out on the health department in the district town of Germersheim. The district administration said the wooden front door was set on fire on Saturday night. A smoldering fire developed, which smoked the entire building for a long time. Nobody got hurt. The police were initially unable to quantify the extent of the damage.

According to District Administrator Fritz Brechtel (CDU), there is the appearance of a targeted attack. “I have no sympathy for such an act,” he said. “The employees of the health department have been working to their limits for the people in the district for almost two years.” An attack would be directed against the important work of the employees.

Federal Finance Minister Christian Lindner has expressed skepticism about new spending programs to fight the Corona crisis. “We got used to high government services during the pandemic. This phase must end,” said the FDP politician to the “Welt am Sonntag”. This year, the scope is already tight. In 2023, the situation will become even more challenging due to the return to the debt brake. “That’s why I see the offering of new bonuses, subsidies and programs critically.” You can’t solve everything with money in the long run.

Lindner answered a question about a bonus for corona vaccinations. “There are no considerations in the federal government,” he said. He thinks it is more urgent to seek people’s insight and to upgrade the infrastructure.

Lindner wants to continue to pay bridging aid for companies particularly affected by the Corona measures. With a view to the economy, he also announced a Corona tax law that is to be launched soon. This should make it possible, for example, to offset current losses against previous tax gains. “This is important for many companies.” He will also propose extending the flat rate for working from home and giving more time for filing tax returns.

Christian Lindner: The finance minister is urging restraint on spending.  (Source: imago images/Political Moments)Christian Lindner: The finance minister is urging restraint on spending. (Source: Political Moments/imago images)

After more than a week of quarantine, Schleswig-Holstein’s Prime Minister Daniel Günther (CDU) left the hotel on Saturday. A government spokesman for the German Press Agency said that his program included a round of jogging and a meeting of a party committee. Due to the quarantine rules that were still in force at the time, Günther went into isolation on January 6th because of a positive corona test in his working environment.

In the past few days, the 48-year-old has therefore conducted his official business from a hotel in Kiel. “What’s really difficult in quarantine, no matter how disciplined I think I am: You can’t structure the day well alone in the hotel room,” said Günther on Friday in a phone call to the online portal The weekend belongs to the family.

According to the expert society of intensive care and emergency medicine, the omicron wave has not yet arrived in the intensive care units. However, he expects that there will be significantly more corona patients in the emergency rooms in the next week or two, said intensive care physician Christian Karagiannidis on Saturday on Deutschlandfunk. The expert heads the intensive care register of the German Interdisciplinary Association for Intensive Care and Emergency Medicine (DIVI) and is a member of the Federal Government’s Corona Expert Council.

At present, it is mainly younger people aged up to 35 who are infected. At the same time, one sees increasing infections in the critical infrastructure, hospitals have to prepare for the fact that doctors and nurses are absent.

Karagiannidis emphasized: “If we now let the whole infection process go to extremes and accept very high incidences, then we also accept that the virus will definitely find the unvaccinated.” 62 percent of the corona patients in the intensive care units are already unvaccinated, only 5 percent have a booster vaccination.

In China, the authorities have discovered cases of the highly contagious omicron variant of the corona virus in another city of millions. The southern Chinese city of Zhuhai, which borders Macau SAR, reported seven omicron cases on Friday evening. Authorities began testing all of Zhuhai’s 2.4 million residents for the virus on Friday after a case of the virus was discovered in the neighboring city of Zhongshan earlier in the week.

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