Sunday, January 16, 2022

Married woman flogged 100 times for adultery but husband only gets 15 lashes

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WARNING: SETTLING PHOTOS: Judges found it difficult to convict the man as he denied all charges, so they gave him 30 lashes, later reduced to 15. The woman was flogged 100 times for confessing to the misdeeds

A cheating couple has been publicly punished and received a total of 115 lashes after being caught having sex outside their marriage.

A shocking video shared online shows the woman receiving 100 lashes after confessing to adultery.

She is led to a stage where a prosecutor flogs her in front of the public.

Her punishment was reportedly interrupted briefly because she could not endure the pain. Her partner, who was also married, received just 15 lashes for committing the same offence.

The punishment was carried out in western Indonesia’s Aceh province, known for being a conservative area and the only part of the country where Sharia law is applied.

Ivan Najjar Alavi, the head of the General Investigations Branch at the East Aceh Prosecutor’s Office, said the court imposed a harsher sentence on the married woman after she confessed to investigators that she had sex outside of marriage.

He added that the married man, who was then the head of East Aceh’s fisheries department, denied any wrongdoing and judges found it difficult to convict him.

“They are unable to prove if he is guilty,” Ivan told reporters on Thursday, January 13.

The pair were reportedly caught by locals on a palm oil plantation in 2018 and the man was initially sentenced to 30 lashes, but his successful appeal to Aceh’s Supreme Sharia Court reduced the sentence to 15.

Aceh is the only region in Muslim-majority Indonesia to have Islamic law that allows flogging for allegations of gambling, adultery, alcohol consumption and gay sex.

Homosexual acts are not a crime under Indonesia’s national penal code, but remain taboo in many conservative parts of the country.

The public beating has become more frequent in recent years, with a number of reported incidents in which those punished have collapsed on stage in pain.

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