Sunday, January 16, 2022

Look: Squirrels rescued from manhole covers in England

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Cleethorpes Wildlife Rescue said in a Facebook post that staff responded on Monday on a street in Grimsby where the head of a squirrel was trapped in a metal grille that covered a rain drain.

Jan. 11 (News) – Firefighters in England were called to a location where animal rescuers had difficulty extracting a squirrel with its head stuck in a manhole cover.

Rescuers tried to retrieve the squirrel, “but it quickly turned out that it didn’t come out of its own accord.”

The rescue team contacted Humberside Fire and Rescue for assistance and the fire department soon arrived on site and was able to release the squirrel.

The rescuers brought the squirrel for veterinary care.

Wildlife Rescue said it was only the second time in the group’s history that a team had to call emergency services for help.

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