Sunday, January 16, 2022

Influencer Says New Omicron Symptom Is Affecting Her Waist As She ‘Can’t Stop Eating’

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Influencer Alexandra Duffin has caught Covid twice in four months and says she “can’t stop eating” after her second stint with the virus, which she says is a bizarre side effect

An Australian influencer has claimed she “can’t stop eating” after catching the Omicron variant.

This is the second time Alexandra Duffin has tested positive for coronavirus after coming into contact with what she believes was the Delta Tribe in October last year.

She wasn’t vaccinated at the time and ended up in the hospital, but earlier this month, on January 3, Alexandra caught the virus again after being stung, this time likely the Omicron variant.

The Melbourne, Australia-based influencer took to TikTok to share with her 73,000 followers that she barely ate during her first stint with the virus, but the second time is completely different as she “can’t stop eating”.

She said: “My last Covid experience, I wasn’t eating, I had no appetite. I lost a bit of weight, I’m not kidding, I loved it.”

Discussing her latest infection, she felt like she ate “a five-course meal every five minutes of the day.”

She added: “I can’t stop eating. Sorry guys I was off sick for seven days, I’m on maternity leave at this point. I’m not coming out soon.”

She told the Daily Mail she craved lots of sweet foods like ice cream, pancakes and caramel popcorn.

She explained, “I feel like I ate so much and I couldn’t stop, it was weird … I found I ate a meal and an hour later I was hungry or hungry, which isn’t like me because I’m hungry.” I usually hardly eat anything every day and my friends would almost force me to eat, so that was definitely interesting.”

Her video was inundated with comments from other Covid patients saying they have experienced the same thing.

One said: “I thought that was just me,” while a second added: “I’ve literally never eaten that much in my life.”

A third wrote: “My daughter is very petite and doesn’t usually eat much. She got Covid and was texting every 10 minutes that she needed food!”

Another user said: “Second time I get it. I was so hungry this time that I lost 14 pounds the first time.”

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