Sunday, January 16, 2022

How bad will omicron get? – Virologist Brinkmann: "People who have been vaccinated also contribute to the dynamic"

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Because of the low vaccination rate, Germany currently needs even stricter corona rules than other countries, says virologist Melanie Brinkmann on “Maybrit Illner”. But she also has good news.

In view of the relatively low vaccination rate in Germany, the virologist Melanie Brinkmann currently sees little scope for opening up social life. “The problem is that the vaccines against the omicron variant are no longer as effective as with Delta,” she explained on the ZDF program “Maybrit Illner”.

“The booster helps a lot, but the vaccination doesn’t matter against the dynamics of the infection. Unfortunately, the vaccinated people also contribute to this dynamic, and that’s the big problem,” Brinkmann continues. The good news is that those who have been vaccinated three times have greatly reduced their personal risk of contracting Covid. The problem in Germany is the still high number of unvaccinated people.

“You can think of it like scissors,” explained the researcher. “We are used to the fact that hospitalizations also increase when the incidences rise. Then the gap will be closed. In many countries the gap is now widening, we call it decoupling. But that is very much related to a high vaccination rate.” That is why countries like Spain, Portugal or Denmark could “open the door further”.

At the same time, she warned against taking the omicron variant lightly because of its rather mild course. “Covid-19 is not the flu, it’s a really serious disease,” she said. “Nature is cruel.”

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