Sunday, January 16, 2022

High-tech lasers could be used to control noisy crows “covering streets with feces”.

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The mayor of Sunnyvale, California, said the crows are even louder than a commuter train going through town and keep people awake at night with their calls

A California city that has used even larger raptors to help eliminate its crow problem has resorted to lasers in a desperate attempt to quell the pesky bird problem.

The mayor of Sunnyvale said the crows are even louder than a commuter train going through town and their calls keep people awake at night.

“We have Caltrain right there, and it actually competes with Caltrain in terms of downtown noise pollution,” Deputy Mayor Alysa Cisneros told KNTV.

Mayor Larry Klein said the city has tried numerous methods to drive away the flock, which is estimated at over 1,000 birds, but none have shown long-term success.

“We tried several things. In the past we’ve had hawks, we’ve put reflectors in our trees and nothing seems to help,” Klein told KGO-TV.

Now the city is taking its fight against crows — who also cover sidewalks and outdoor seating with their droppings — to the next level. The city is preparing to launch a pilot program to test green lasers.

“Because of this health risk, it’s a lot better than spending hundreds of dollars to spray the sidewalks or spray Murphy Avenue every few weeks,” Klein said.

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But officials at the Audubon Society, an American nonprofit environmental organization dedicated to preserving birds and their habitats, say the plan affects them.

“I have real concerns about using lasers,” said Matthew Dodder, executive director of the Santa Clara Valley Audubon Society. “Lasers can blind the birds, which is a death sentence for the birds because they can’t see, fly or eat properly.”

“We love our birds here in Sunnyvale, but other than that, it’s not good for our city to have so many birds in one small place,” Mayor Larry Klein told KPIX 5.

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