Sunday, January 23, 2022

“He has to go”: Red Wall Tories turn on Boris Johnson for the No. 10 party

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Northern England conservatives have said Boris Johnson will have to resign if he attends a garden party on Downing Street at the height of the 2020 lockdown.

Senior Red Wall Tories said angry Tuesday that they once again had to appease voters angry over allegations that the prime minister violated his own coronavirus rules.

They fear that Mr Johnson could now be so toxic that the party will lose both parliamentary and council seats in future elections.

“If he is found to have attended what they call what they call this meeting, he will have no choice but to resign,” said Alan Marshall, a cabinet member for Darlington Council The independent one. “I emphasize this caveat: ‘If’. But when he went [to the party], he has to go. Being prime minister doesn’t put you above the rules or the law. “

Mr Johnson refused to answer questions about whether he would be on Nov.

The Prime Minister’s principal private secretary, Martin Reynolds, sent an email inviting around 100 employees to the BYOB event.

Mr Johnson has refused to speak until an investigation into several suspected parties allegedly held on Downing Street has been completed by senior official Sue Gray, but witnesses said he attended the event.

Antony Mullen, the Conservative leader on Sunderland City Council, said: “Martin Reynolds should have been fired and I think Boris Johnson will inevitably have to follow him.”

Speak on BBC Radio 4 World around one Program, he added, “I think this is such an atrocity, I can’t imagine how he can survive … It’s now more a matter of the extent of the wrongdoing than if there was any.”

The criticism from the Prime Minister’s own party came when a poll found two-thirds of voters felt he should step down following the latest allegations by Party No. 10, based on allegations made by other Downing Street gatherings during the rigorous Covid restrictions in winter 2020 will follow.

Councilor Marshall, who has served on the first Tory council in Darlington for 40 years, said The independent: “I use my full judgment until the investigation comes out, but if the shit hits the fan, we [in the north] will have to deal with it. “

Darlington is widely considered to be one of the jewels in the Conservatives’ Conservative takeover of the old Labor heartlands of the North, and the Tory Council victory in May 2019 predicted the landslide of this year’s general election.

“We’re making good progress at the local level and people are realizing that,” Councilor Marshall said. “But this constant controversy from Westminster – it makes work harder and will certainly make it harder to win elections.”

Douglas Ross, the Scottish Conservative leader, has also urged the Prime Minister to resign, and other northern Tory leaders have raised concerns that Mr Johnson’s comments might hurt them on the ground.

Adrian De La Mare, chairman of the Conservative group on Lancaster City Council, said The independent one: “Put it this way: There is a feeling here that there is a double standard and that doesn’t suit you.”

Despite declining to comment on the Prime Minister’s future, he said, “I believe that anyone who goes into public service must obey the rules and laws in force, and if they don’t, then they must give a way to move forward. “

He added demonstratively that he did not take part in an invitation to drinks that day “because the rules were very clear”.

On condition of anonymity, other conservatives expressed themselves less diplomatically.

“The key thing about Boris was that he was able to win elections by targeting voters who were traditionally not conservative,” said a cabinet member of the council. “It’s gone now. You have to ask yourself: What does he bring to the table as a leader? “

Perhaps just as telling of sentiment toward Mr Johnson within the party was the number of Conservatives across the region who refused to defend him.

Tees Valley Mayor Ben Houchen refused to comment, while the party’s 2019 young northern MPs – including Jacob Young and Dehenna Davison – remain silent on the matter.

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