Sunday, January 16, 2022

Guy wants prostitute infected with coronavirus in ‘strange request’

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A man in Thailand is looking for an escort to infect him with Covid-19, likely exploiting a loophole in a coronavirus insurance policy that pays for people infected with the virus

One man’s search for company went viral this week over his bizarre request for a potential partner who was set to test positive for Covid-19.

Someone, writing on behalf of the client, said: “Only look for infected people. Work begins at 10 p.m.

“The customer wants to be positive [for Covid-19]’, with the now-viral screenshot adding that the female companion should be able to prove she has the virus by presenting an antigen test kit with ‘two lines’ indicating a positive result.

The man offered 3,000 to 5,000 Thai baht (66 to 110 pounds) for the service and said he just wanted to breathe on himself rather than deal in bodily fluids, Vice reported.

He threw in a commission of 600 baht (£13) for anyone who could act as a broker.

He also specified that he would like an “EN up, EN only” service, which is code for “entertainment only,” with alcohol and party drugs allowed, but no sex, according to local reports.

As much of the world tries to stop the spread of the coronavirus, this man’s mission to get infected bucks the trend.

According to insurance agents and Thai media, there are suspicions that he was planning to make an insurance claim.

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In Thailand, insurance companies are offering plans that cover Covid-19, with payouts of up to 200,000 baht (about £4,000) for customers who get infected.

Cash claims from COVID-19 insurance policies in Thailand have increased tenfold between the start of the pandemic and mid-2021, the Nikkei reported in July.

The surge prompted some insurance providers to stop offering coverage and prompted an investigation by Thailand’s Office of Insurance Commission.

A senior Office of Insurance Commission official said: “There is even a young lady who sells inhalers on her Facebook page that she says contain the coronavirus.”

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