Sunday, January 16, 2022

Furniture mover locks woman behind truck and demands more money

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Footage shows a mover closing the back of a van while a woman is still inside during an argument over the charges. The woman had allegedly “held her belongings hostage” and was asked to give more money than the contract stipulated

An angry woman says a moving company worker demanded extra cash and locked her roommate in the back of a van.

In a video posted Tuesday (January 11), Sam @followyourflow shows an open van full of furniture parked on the curb in front of their new home in New Orleans.

A roommate appears to be conversing with a man standing in the back of the truck while her other friend says, “This is her property. I don’t think you can keep her property.”

The two women then start bringing a mattress into the house, arguing that the mover has no right to keep it.

Suddenly, the man pulls down the back door of the van, “locking” the woman inside, sparking outrage from her buddies, who call him a “psycho.”

“Don’t fucking lock anyone in a truck, are you kidding me?” she yells. “You stumble. Absolutely damn.”

The movers open the door and the roommate gets out of the vehicle and Sam and her friend say they are going to call the police.

According to Sam, the police arrived an hour and a half later and the man who locked her friend in the truck was charged with false imprisonment.

She claims they already paid an estimate and extra money when the movers said the furniture was heavier than expected.

Her boyfriend reportedly signed a deal with New York-based G&M Moving and Storage Corp and agreed on the fees, but the man in the video then said he needed more money or he wouldn’t give them their belongings.

In the end, the housemates got the things out of the truck themselves and Sam says that whoever was locked in the truck decided to face false imprisonment charges.

G&M Moving and Storage Corp is rated one out of five stars on Yelp, and reviews from 2014 accused employees of insisting on extra money the day the furniture was delivered.

Latest Page News has reached out to G&M Moving and Storage Corp for comment.

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