Sunday, January 16, 2022

Ex-partner brutally stabbed mother and autistic son in front of the baby, the court said

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A violent ex-partner traveled 45 kilometers on foot to stab a mother and her young autistic son in front of a distressed baby before leading police on a 24-hour manhunt, a court said.

30-year-old Daniel Boulton is supposed to be on the 31st.

Boulton developed a “hatred” for Darren and went from his address in Skegness to Mrs. Vincent’s house on High Holme Road in Louth Lincolnshire, where he “loitered for hours”, Lincoln Crown Court was told.

A nine month old child was seen crawling around the house when rescue workers arrived on the property, the court heard, and the defendant later left a note that read, “I, Daniel Boulton, take full responsibility for 182.”

The relationship between Boulton and Ms. Vincent, which began on the Tinder dating app, “worsened” by the end of March 2019 and he was finally ordered not to contact his ex-partner, jurors said.

Prosecutors said “persistently” Boulton sent nearly 900 messages to Ms. Vincent over the holiday weekend, including one saying, “You have ruined my life and have the nerve to say I ruined yours.”

Boulton was on a manhunt with Lincolnshire Police until the following day, when he allegedly stabbed an off duty police officer in the Hubbard’s Hills area of ​​Louth before being tasered and arrested at a nearby farm.

Prosecutors said there was “no quarrel” Boulton stabbed both victims, denying the alleged crimes because his ability to control himself was “impaired”.

Prosecutor Katherine Goddard QC opened the case against Boulton Thursday, saying: “On the evening of May 31 last year at around 8 pm, a young woman and her nine year old son were brutally stabbed to death in their own home in Louth.

“It is beyond dispute that the person who stabbed both victims was this defendant Daniel Boulton.

“The case of Mr. Boulton will be that, although he physically stabbed the two victims, at that point he was suffering from a recognized mental condition that severely impaired his ability to make rational judgment and exercise self-control.”

Regarding the Boulton-Ms. Vincent story, Ms. Goddard said, “Bethany and the defendant’s relationship began around March 2019 and, as with most relationships, everything began well. Everyone looked happy.

“But by the end of that year it had worsened and, prosecutors say, it was marked by increased violence by Mr Boulton against Bethany and later against her parents.

“Bethany has complained to the police about Mr. Boulton and the violence and behavior towards her, and Mr. Boulton has been issued an injunction preventing him from contacting her.

“Another injunction was issued following another incident in February 2021, but despite these two orders, Mr. Boulton continued to contact Bethany – by phone, text message, social media messaging, and through unannounced and uninvited visits to her home.

“Bethany didn’t seek any of those contacts, and in fact, only days after she and DJ were stabbed, they were moving to a new house – to an address unknown to Mr. Boulton.”

Ms. Goddard continued, “Following her first domestic violence complaint to the police in November 2020, Social Services came into contact with Bethany and her family.

“Your concerns only related to the risk Mr. Boulton posed to the family.

“By then he had expressed his hatred of DJ, a nine-year-old boy who had been diagnosed with autism.”

“He was seen running out of an alley that led to the back of number 182.

“He seemed flushed, excited, and called to witnesses to call an ambulance as someone had been stabbed inside.

“He then casually walked away and didn’t wait for the emergency services to arrive.”

Ms. Goddard explained what the rescue workers saw when they entered the house: “In the front room on the first floor, they found Bethany lying on her side, half rolled into a ball, clearly already dead.

“Upstairs they found DJ lying on his side by his bed, also clearly dead.

“Both seemed to have been stabbed many times and, in addition to obvious stab wounds, had traces that indicated a blunt violent trauma – to have been hit by something.”

Ms. Goddard said a nine-month-old child was also found on the property, “untouched and unharmed, but clearly desperate and crawling through the house”.

She continued, “The police investigation began and it was not long before Mr Boulton was identified as the suspect of the murders and efforts were made to trace him.

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