Monday, January 17, 2022

Domino’s customer claims he opened takeout pizza to find disgusting maggots on it

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A man from Auckland, New Zealand, says he was disgusted to find his Domino’s ham and pepperoni pizza covered in maggots, which made him nauseous

Reginald Thalari, from West Auckland, New Zealand, was disgusted after he allegedly spotted maggots on some of his takeaway pizzas from Domino’s.

Reginald said he bought four pizzas from a Domino’s in Avondale, New Zealand, for his employees to enjoy after a day’s work.

After devouring a few slices, Reginald claimed he spotted maggots on his pizza, making him and his colleagues nauseous.

The Kiwi then shared a selection of images from his domino order.

Maggots can be seen on chunks of ham and hot peppers in the rough images.

An enraged Reginald spoke of how “disgusted” he was after making the discovery.

He said: “It was disgusting. We ordered four pizzas but when we opened the box of pepperoni we saw maggots on the ham.

“It was pretty gross. To be honest, I felt like it. When someone says do you want pizza?

Domino’s denies the claims, and a spokesman said it was extremely unlikely maggots were found in the store before the pizzas were bought.

The rep also stated that it was “impossible” for eggs to survive the temperatures of their hot ovens.

They said, “Domino’s takes food health and safety very seriously and ensures these standards are met through regular audits and inspections of stores throughout the year.”

Reginald said Domino offered a refund but refused to accept responsibility and tried to fire him.

He said: “We took the pizza back to complain and spoke to the clerk but were told the manager wasn’t there but to come back later.

“They gave me a refund but I wasn’t worried about the money. We went back the next day but again we were told the manager was unavailable.”

Domino’s spokesman said they acted in good faith by refunding the customer’s order.

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