Monday, January 17, 2022

Corona pandemic in Germany – virologist believes that contact tracing is no longer useful

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From the point of view of virologist Klaus Stöhr, contact tracing after corona infections is no longer appropriate. In view of the Omikron variant, this can no longer be managed by health authorities.

The virologist Klaus Stöhr believes that contact tracing to combat the corona pandemic in Germany no longer makes sense. “We need an exit plan,” he said in a podcast by “Kölner Stadt-Anzeiger” and editorial network Germany (RND), according to a pre-announcement on Friday. “I can’t tell you why contact tracing should still be done in Germany. In terms of incidence, the health authorities can no longer cope.”

“If a large part of the population is mildly and asymptomatically infected and has antibodies, a so-called contact tracing quarantine becomes pointless,” Stöhr affirmed. “The best way out of the pandemic would be to get vaccinated first and then get infected.” In the “package” there will then be long-lasting immune protection.

Regarding the political debate about compulsory vaccination, the long-time head of the World Health Organization’s global influenza program said: “For Omikron, compulsory vaccination will come too late this winter.” For the respiratory diseases in winter 2022/2023, it will “no longer be necessary”.

The latest figures from Schleswig-Holstein and Lower Saxony also made him doubt the usefulness of the 2G Plus rules: “If you look at the incidences, the frequency of the disease, you won’t see any difference,” he said in the newspaper podcast. 2G-Plus “makes a difference, but only at the retail checkout.”

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