Sunday, January 16, 2022

Corona pandemic Federal Council passes new quarantine rules

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After the Bundestag, the Bundesrat has now also approved the new corona measures: The quarantine rules are being changed. experts had before sharp criticism on the decision voiced.

The new quarantine rules for corona infected people and contact persons can come into force. After the Bundestag, the Bundesrat also approved a regulation on Friday that creates a legal framework for this. Among other things, it stipulates that triple-vaccinated contact persons of corona infected people no longer have to go into quarantine. In addition, this enables shorter quarantine times in the event of infections in order to prevent a collapse in personnel in important care areas when the number of infections increases sharply.

In the special session of the state chamber, Federal Health Minister Karl Lauterbach (SPD) said that the pandemic had arrived at an “interface”. You’re in your third year. This raises the question of whether it will be possible to defuse the pandemic in such a way that an endemic situation with only sporadic outbreaks and few deaths is reached – or whether this opportunity will be missed. “We have to seize this opportunity and we have the means to do so. We have the means to largely end the pandemic in Germany this year.”

Lauterbach again appealed to all citizens who are not yet protected to be vaccinated or boosted. “If we all claimed that we didn’t need it or that we knew better or didn’t want to participate or that we had a different understanding of the state, then we would end up in chaos.” Therefore he is also in favor of the general obligation to vaccinate.

The health minister stressed that no one should be forced to take any particular vaccine. Lauterbach said he also got the inactivated vaccine Novavax. On February 21, Germany will receive a first delivery of 1.75 million doses.

The medical organization Marburger Bund fears that the new exceptions to the quarantine will lead to more corona infections. They are to be decided by the Federal Council this Friday. In future, contact persons of infected people will no longer have to be in quarantine if they have had a booster vaccination or have just received their second vaccination – i.e. within the last three months – or have recovered.

This applies even if they are very close contacts, i.e. live with infected people, for example, explained the association chairwoman of the employed and civil servant doctors, Susanne Johna, on Friday in the ZDF “Morgenmagazin”. “We take a critical view of this because we fear that infections will then be passed on.”

In general, however, it is right to shorten the quarantine and isolation times because the now predominant corona variant Omicron has a shorter generation time. This means that the viral load increases faster, but then decreases again faster.

Other experts had previously sharply criticized the fact that, according to the new rules, infected people can not only test themselves out of quarantine prematurely after seven days with an accurate PCR test, but also with the unsafe rapid tests.

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