Sunday, January 16, 2022

Corona measures lockdown protest: open cafes and shops in the Netherlands

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In the Netherlands, there are actually tough corona measures to contain the pandemic. Entrepreneurs in a small town protest and open their shops anyway.

Despite the lockdown, entrepreneurs in the small Dutch town of Valkenburg opened their restaurants and shops on Friday. With this action, the entrepreneurs protested against the harsh corona measures.

Mayor Daan Prevoo classified the protest as a demonstration. “Demonstrating is a fundamental right,” he told the WNL TV station. Therefore, the police will not intervene.

Resistance to the lockdown is also increasing because in some neighboring countries, public life is largely normal despite the measures. The entrepreneurs in the small town near Aachen complain that customers are switching to Belgium and Germany – the countries are only a few kilometers away.

About four weeks after the introduction of the lockdown, a relaxation is imminent – ​​shops will soon be allowed to receive customers again. But restaurants and the cultural sector should remain closed. Entrepreneurs and cultural workers reacted with outrage and announced further protests.

In many municipalities, entrepreneurs want to open restaurants and shops next Saturday despite the ban. The protests are supported by many mayors and provincial governments.

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