Monday, January 17, 2022

Australian Republican Movement Unveils New Model for Removing the Queen from Head of State

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“We are old enough, smart enough, experienced enough and capable enough,” are the words of the Australian Republican Movement (ARM) to encourage people to depose the Queen as head of state

The Australian Republic Movement (ARM) has presented its model of deposing the Queen as the country’s head of state and appointing one elected by the people.

The model provides that every federal, state and territorial parliament nominates a shortlist of candidates for the election of the head of state.

As a Commonwealth nation, Australia has had a British monarch as head of state since 1901.

ARM chairman Peter FitzSimons told the group had developed a model to elect a new head of state after polling thousands of Australians.

“We consulted, we listened carefully and Australians told us that this approach will give our nation the best chance of success in a referendum, with an overwhelming majority of Australians likely to support the change,” FitzSimons said.

“This will give all Australian voters a merit-based choice of who will speak for them as head of state.

“The decision will be in their hands, unlike now when the luck of the draw is who we get from the British royal family.”

The model would see a national election in which each citizen would vote for their preferred candidate.

The new head of state would act on the advice of the Australian federal government and would remain in office for five years.

Their role should be strictly ceremonial, representing Australians at home and abroad, and appointing the Prime Minister. This means that they have no say in any law or would get involved in a debate.

“It is time the Australian people elected one of us to represent us as our Head of State. Someone to hold us accountable. One of us, for us, by us. That’s what it means to become a republic,” campaign representative Craig Foster said in a video on the official ARM website.

“We live in a wonderfully diverse country, so it makes sense that nominations should come from all corners of this nation.”

According to surveys and research by ARM, almost three quarters of Australians – around 73 percent – would support this model in a referendum.

The proposed model differs from that proposed in the republic’s failed referendum in 1991, when the head of state was elected by parliament rather than by the people.

“Choosing an Australian republic is about taking our own affairs into our own hands,” said Foster.

“We are old enough, smart enough, experienced enough and capable enough.”

The Caribbean island of Barbados said goodbye to the Queen as head of state on November 30th, the 55th anniversary of independence. It was the 18th country to depose the Queen as head of state since her accession to the throne in 1952.

Here is a list of other former British colonies that may elect a native head of state.

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