Thursday, January 20, 2022

An angry homeowner vows to find a ‘rude’ dog walker who leaves poop in trash can with gross marks

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A homeowner has slammed a dog walker for causing a stench outside his home – they yelled the “rude b****” and threatened the sneaky offender with a harsh sign

An angry homeowner has vowed to find a naughty dog ​​walker who dumped poo in her garbage can.

A passerby spotted the rude warning branding the dog walker a “b****” as he strolled through Sydney’s inner west and posted a picture of it on Reddit.

The aggressive notice asked the pet owner to use public trash cans for litter rather than in their private trash cans.

The sign reads: “Will find out who you throw your dog shit in my trash to.

“Shame on you, take your rude b**** home.”

After uploading to the platform, the controversial notice sparked a rift as some users believed it was better to dispose of waste in a private bin than to leave it on a footpath.

But others felt it was inappropriate for the dog walker to create a stink outside another’s house by dumping the rubbish without permission, the Daily Mail reports.

One person wrote: “I’d rather put it in the bin than on the sidewalk, but I can understand some people being upset about it.”

While another commented: “Yeah but it sucks having to smell someone else’s dogs when I throw things in my bin. First world problems.”

A third person was stunned by the cheeky dog ​​walker and said the landfill was “definitely rude”.

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They said, “Seriously? It’s definitely rude. I have a dog and I make sure to take him to a public rubbish bin.”

Another user went on to say that the recent heat that has gripped Australia would add to the overall smell of the bin.

“It’s summer and this shit festers in the heat,” they commented.

“Unless you’re a dog owner yourself, the smell hits you pretty hard in the face every time you open the lid.”

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