Sunday, January 16, 2022

After a controversial choice of words – the Greens-Landesspitze justified Palmer’s exclusion process

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It is still unclear whether the Green politician Boris Palmer will be allowed to stay in the party after his statements. Hundreds of party colleagues stood behind the mayor of Tübingen, but the state leadership remains tough.

The Green leadership in the southwest has justified the party regulatory proceedings against Tübingen’s Lord Mayor Boris Palmer against criticism from their own ranks. “We Greens have proven time and again in our history that we are a militant party that discusses lively and openly,” said a spokeswoman for the regional association in Stuttgart on Tuesday, responding to a call in favor of Palmer by around 500 party members.

“To endure differing opinions and to endure provocations is a part of party life, of course.” With a view to Palmer, however, she said: “Crossing the boundaries of what can be said, in which groups of people are played off against each other, are not part of a healthy culture of debate and not part of the principles of Alliance 90 / The Greens.”

The state party congress in May last year clearly spoke out in favor of party regulation proceedings against Palmer. “The arbitration process will now clarify what we have to endure as a party and whether exclusion from the party is justified,” added the spokeswoman.

In the appeal, which was initiated by members of the Tübingen district association, it had been said: “We remember the culture of debate that is held in high esteem in our party and which we consider particularly worthy of protection. To exclude people just because they are in a certain time, in which certain topics Having boomed, leaving the mainstream, we consider our party unworthy. “

The last trigger for the exclusion process was a Facebook post by Palmer about the former German national soccer player Dennis Aogo, in which the mayor used the so-called N-word. This term is used today to describe a racist term used in Germany for black people.

Palmer asserted that his statement was meant ironically. The Green leadership sees the incident only as part of a “long list of calculated slips and staged taboos”.

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