Thursday, January 20, 2022

A remote Antarctic town is requiring residents to have their appendix removed in a bizarre rule

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A remote Antarctic town requires residents to have their appendix removed, doesn’t allow dogs and the nearest hospital is over 600 miles away in a climate that can reach temperatures as low as -77C

A remote town requires all residents to have their appendix removed in order to live there.

Villas Las Estrellas – one of two civilian settlements on frigid Antarctica – may seem like a normal blind village until you realize what the residents have to do to live there.

Villas is located in the Chilean base of Frei on King George Island and has a maximum of about 100 residents, who are mostly researchers and military personnel.

But to be able to live in the remote town, residents will need to have their appendix removed, The Sun reports.

Those on long-term contracts have forced entire families to pull out their appendix just to join them in the hideaway.

The town consists of a post office, a small school, a supermarket, a bank and other basic facilities.

With the nearest hospital some 625 miles from the island’s northernmost tip, appendicitis could prove fatal as the condition could become life-threatening if not treated promptly, which is why residents are being asked to have their appendix removed.

All people moving there must undergo preventive appendectomy to avoid life and death situations.

Limited health care is also the reason why women are discouraged from getting pregnant during their stay.

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This is not the only sacrifice residents must make. Residents must stay indoors or risk freezing to death as temperatures can drop below 77C.

Sergio Cubillos, Chile’s local air force commander, said people would not be able to leave their homes for “weeks” this winter.

In summer, temperatures peak at just 2°C.

Dogs are also prohibited to prevent them from spreading disease to local wildlife.

Despite the austere environment, the settlement also offers tourist-friendly attractions such as the penguins, known for their friendliness, while visitors are also offered ski and snowmobile expeditions.

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