Sunday, January 16, 2022

Should Boris Johnson self-isolate after a Covid infection in the family

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After a week of grappling with Partygate scandals and calls for Prime Minister Boris Johnson to step down, he is now unlikely to be seen in public for the next week.

He is currently working from his Downing Street flat and is restricting outside contacts after a member of his immediate family tested positive for the coronavirus.

However, does he have to isolate under current law? In short no.

Official guidance says an adult who is fully vaccinated does not need to be isolated if someone in their household tests positive for Covid-19.

Assuming the PM is double-vaccinated and boosted, it falls squarely into this category.

However, if someone in the Prime Minister’s household has tested positive, they are at greater risk of contracting Covid themselves and therefore passing it on to others.

Government policy for the Prime Minister would be to have a lateral flow test every day for seven days, assuming No 10 can get them before they leave the house.

It adds: If your daily LFD test result is negative, it was likely that you were not contagious at the time you took the test. “

However, to further reduce the transmission of Covid-19 to others, it is recommended to limit close contact with others outside their home, work from home if possible, wear a face covering in crowded places and avoid contact with them people limit risk.

LatestPageNews was told yesterday: “The Prime Minister will not be visiting Lancashire today as a family member has tested positive for coronavirus. He will follow guidelines for vaccinated close contacts, including daily testing and limiting contact with others.”

With that last clue in mind, the prime minister is technically following national guidance, opportune as the timing may be.

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