Sunday, January 16, 2022

Britain has 109,133 new Covid cases and 335 deaths

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The UK reported 109,133 new coronavirus cases and 335 deaths on Thursday.

Both numbers have been declining in the past few days, with cases falling by around 20,000.

In the previous two days, there were 379 and 398, the highest number of daily Covid-19 deaths since February. The latest number brought the total government registered deaths to 151,342.

New daily cases have continued down since their high on Jan. 2 at 183,084 at the peak of the Omicron wave. The peak was almost three times what it was in the second wave in January last year.

Wednesday was the second worst day yet for the booster program of the year. A total of 126,632 booster and third doses of the Covid-19 vaccine were given, the lowest daily value since January 2.

Health Minister Sajid Javid has announced that after a positive Covid test, the isolation time will be shortened to five full days from next Monday so that employees can return to work more quickly.

He said the scientific evidence is that two-thirds of Covid cases are “no longer contagious after the end of the fifth day”.

New NHS data showed that less than half of all patients with Covid in English hospitals were treated primarily for something else – the highest proportion since the data was first published in June 2021.

Mr Javid said there was “already signs that the rate of hospital admissions is slowing”.

However, he said the Omicron variant “still has the potential to lead to significant numbers of people in the hospital”.

Separate figures showed that more than half of England’s NHS trusts had occupied more than 90 percent of beds every day for the week ended January 9. The recommended limit is 85 percent.

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