Monday, January 17, 2022

Three questions to ask yourself to make 2022 a better year for your business than the last

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Start 2022 the way you want to continue by reflecting on the ups and downs of the past year

As we enter 2022 after what has been a very challenging year for all of us, my resolution for this year has become even more meaningful.

It was an honor to contribute I over the past year I have shared my personal and professional experiences in starting and scaling my business.

I plan to find more time to stop, reflect and use everything we learned last year to be smarter and more considered about what I do next.

I like to keep things simple, so I grab a strong coffee, find a quiet spot, and focus on asking myself three questions.

What have you achieved personally or as part of a larger team?

Once you’ve made your list, dive a little deeper to see what you did well to make that achievement possible, and how did that make you feel?

Was it a relationship you’ve nurtured over time, wasn’t it no-no for an answer (one of my personal favorites), or was it brainstorming with others that then spawned an idea bigger than you could have imagined be able?

Knowing what you did to achieve that successful outcome is really important. This is your superpower, and recognizing it is the key to repeated success in the future.

Learning from your mistakes is an important part of your personal and business growth.

Where did you stop on your journey to achieve certain important goals?

When you understand why, you can plan for the future more efficiently. Did you underestimate the time required, didn’t you take external dependencies into account in your planning, or did you let yourself go down a rabbit hole?

I’ve learned that planning is key, and the adage “if you don’t prepare, prepare for failure” is a real truism.

It’s important to take a moment to note any recurring themes here. Once you know which areas of personal development need improvement, you can incorporate them into your 2022 goals.

“No man is an island,” wrote the Renaissance poet John Donne. Remember who helped you achieve your goals in 2021.

If you didn’t have help, ask yourself how much more efficient you could have been by asking for help?

Take some time to write to these people and thank them for their help along the way. Most people value recognition and take pride in the fact that their time and advice has served them well. As a race we thrive by helping others and I believe there is so much value in those two simple words “thank you”.

At, I started 2021 with a team of eight amazing colleagues and ended up with 19 superstar colleagues (see picture of their festive sweaters at our virtual Christmas party). I wanted to recognize the amazing contribution they have made to the journey across 2021 so I wrote personalized Christmas cards to recognize their individual contribution. It’s a small gesture, but hopefully it reflects my sincere appreciation for all the hard work each and every colleague has put in throughout the year. Whether it’s a phone call, an email, a small gift, or a handwritten letter, don’t underestimate the power of thanks.

Finally, don’t forget to thank all stakeholders outside of your company, including your customers, customers, your team, investors, suppliers, and all stakeholders. Without their contributions, you probably would not have been able to achieve all that you have achieved over the past 12 months.

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