Thursday, January 20, 2022

Wife tells partner to “wipe properly” as she is tired of him leaving “slip marks” on her sheets

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The unfortunate wife made the revelation in a post on Mumsnet, saying that while she is an “amazing man”, her husband’s hygiene habits got on her nerves.

A woman has revealed she had to tell her husband she won’t wash his dirty underwear again because he keeps “skidding marks”.

In the post, she explained: “3 years together, great relationship, great man. We are currently expecting our first baby together. BUT (and it’s a big but!)…

“The man has skid marks on his boxer shorts almost every day. I raised the issue many times, told him to work it out.

“Mop right (he says he does, but sometimes it’s ‘impossible, it takes forever’ (?!)”

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She explained that the last straw came when not only his underwear was affected, but also her bedding.

She continued: “The last straw was this morning when I made the bed. Skidmarks on lower sheet.

“When he came upstairs to say goodbye before he left for work, I told him he needed to change the sheets. There are scratches and I don’t touch them.

“I also told him that I no longer wash his boxers.”

The woman acknowledged he had IBS that couldn’t be helped but said wiping properly is a decision and asked other Mumsnet users if asking him to see a doctor would be extreme.

She ended the post by saying, “I’m going to ask him to wear pajamas to bed from now on, but is it an overreaction to ask him maybe see a doctor?!”

It’s fair to say that most other readers agreed with her and reassured her that she wasn’t overreacting.

One person wrote: “No you’re not overreacting it’s grim and yes he should see a doctor.”

Another commented, “He’s a grown man so he can do his own laundry… it’s as simple as that.”

Someone else agreed, saying: “Wet wipes and diaper bags. If it’s medical, I wouldn’t embarrass him about it. It’s not really a big deal and easy to sort out.”

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