Friday, January 21, 2022

Who Killed Wavy Navy Pooh? Rapper shot dead at intersection in Miami

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The internet was soon swamped with news that Wavy was murdered over the weekend, as many expressed shock at the death of another hip-hop artist

Days after rapper Earl Swavey died of unknown causes, the hip-hop community lost another veteran rapper. The artist named Wavy Navy Pooh was murdered on Friday January 14, 2022. The hip-hop artist, who was signed to Quality Control Music Records, was shot dead in Miami. The rapper was reportedly in a car with two children and a wife.

Speaking of rappers getting shot, artist VNZA was murdered in Missouri in June. Brooklyn rapper Supa Gates also faced a similar fate after he was shot multiple times on April 11 at St. John’s Place near Troy Avenue in Crown Heights, leaving his body in July 2021. Bay rapper Mike Darole Area was another hip-hop artist who was fatally shot in an attempted robbery in May 2021.

How did Earl Swavey die? Rapper, 26, was inspired by Rick Ross, 50 Cent and TI

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Wavy Navy Pooh was reportedly driving a Toyota Camry near Zoo Miami, and according to Miami’s CBS Local, the two children present in the car were five and one year old, respectively. The children were apparently not injured. Authorities revealed the shots were fired from a Lexus fleeing the scene of the shooting. Camry’s driver – allegedly Wavy Navy Pooh – has been pronounced dead at the scene. According to the publication, the incident happened at the intersection of SW 127 Avenue and 152 Street, at the entrance to the Deerwood community, across from Zoo Miami. The 25-year-old rapper’s killer or killers have yet to be identified as investigations continue. MEAWW keeps you up to date.

The internet was soon swamped with news that Wavy was murdered over the weekend, as many expressed shock that another hip-hop artist had become the unfortunate target of violence. The Quality Control artist debuted with the label in 2020 after releasing the banger Gang Gang. Ironically, he had also released an album called Murder Is A Major Issue or MIAMI. Quality Control Music is the same label that represents artists like Lil Bay and Migos. Enjoying an active life on social media, Wavy Navy Pooh had garnered more than 70,000 followers on Instagram.

Paying his final tribute to the rapper, one user said, “Smh this hometown just doesn’t stop there.” Another shared, “RIP but bruh was more of a gangsta than a rapper. Mostly it’s part of the territory.” One person claimed, “The streets don’t love you…ONLY YOUR FAMILY!” The next wrote, “I’m from the crib that’s not sad I got bruh music on tide bruh was snapping sad to see another young brother lose his life but miami ain’t south beach remember that. ”

Meanwhile, another tweeted: “Success brings a lot of envy.” One user shared: “Idk why mfs want to be rappers/gangsters? You’d better grab a book and be in tech or start your own business.” Another added, “Damn, where else can he move to? Miami is the ultimate destination for rich people…which should bring him somewhere other than the beautiful place on earth…doesn’t have to stop.” And another user concluded: “Damn RIP WavyNavyPooh. Miami is getting even crazier.”

“The Streets Don’t Love You”

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