Thursday, January 20, 2022

TikTok shared after mom revealed she only washes her baby’s reusable diapers once a week

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TikTok user @the.clarks, who goes by the name Kelsey, made the remark during a video where she discussed her laundry process.

One mother was divided after revealing she washes her baby’s reusable diapers once a week.

In the video, she said, “It’s that time of the week that I wash my cloth diapers and yes, I only wash them every six to seven days.”

Kelsey went on to share how she washes the soiled reusable cloth diapers twice in the washing machine.

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She explained that the first wash is washed with warm water while the second uses hot water.

Her decision to save the used diapers and wash them once a week has turned some heads, with one affected person commenting, “Good lord, that must stink to high heaven.”

Kesley responded to the comment in another video, confirming, “It stinks so bad when I throw it in the washing machine. Imagine pee and feces just sitting there for seven days.

“So yes, it stinks, but the point is, after I wash and dry them, they don’t stink at all.”

Some in the comments remained skeptical, others were happy to find like-minded people on TikTok.

One person wrote, “Love stumbling upon cloth diaper moms on Tiktok!”

Another asked: “But why do they keep marinating? … Just wash them.”

Another agreed, writing, “Why wait seven days to do laundry?”

Well, at least she’s doing her bit for the environment.

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