Sunday, January 16, 2022

“The House” Chapter III: Rosa’s inability to let go continues the legacy of the house

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Every owner of the house feels connected to him and Rosa is no different.

Act III of The House continues with the anthropomorphic theme seen in Act II, where a disgruntled landlady desperately tries to get her only two tenants to pay the rent to repair The House , which is now in their possession. Rosa wants nothing more than to fix the now crumbling house. But with the few resources she has and an apocalyptic flood that destroys everything, she seems struggling with his efforts.

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Rosa’s frustration grows when Jen explains that her spiritual partner, Cosmos, will join them. For Rosa, that means just one extra person on her property. However, when Cosmos reveals that he is a handyman, she sees this as a perfect opportunity to finally fix the house. This doesn’t quite go to plan, however, as Cosmos uses the wood from the house to build Elias a boat for him to leave. Rosa is upset about this when Jen tells her that maybe she should let go of the house and leave too.

But Rosa is too attached to the building for that. When a massive fog takes over and the water level rises, Rosa panics when she realizes she is all alone. However, Cosmos made one crucial change – converting the house into a boat. But it was Rosa’s choice to decide if she wanted to continue. Tired of people leaving her, she plucks up the courage to set sail with the house in tow.

The House premieres on Netflix on January 14, 2022.

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