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Shannon Beador says she was “downright devastated” by Heather Dubrow’s threat

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Shannon Beador breaks her silence the moment Heather Dubrow threatened her on the fourth episode of “Real Housewives of Orange County” this season.

The two have argued this season after it was revealed during Dubrow’s sushi party that Beador had unearthed an old lawsuit against Dubrow’s husband, Terry Dubrow, and told some of her coworkers about it. The lawsuit was filed against Dubrow by new actress Nicole James nearly 20 years ago and was eventually dropped. During Emily Simpson’s party a few episodes later, Beador and Dubrow sat down to discuss the aftermath of the sushi party when Dubrow threatened their comrade-in-arms.

“If you are ever after me or my family again, you will lose a lot more than just my friendship,” Dubrow said to Beador. “It will cost a lot. And I don’t say that as a threat, but as a promise. “

In an interview with Entertainment Tonight published Jan. 5, Beador admitted she was shocked by the conversation with Dubrow.

“I was absolutely exhausted, I really was,” Beador told the point of sale. “She did threaten and accuse me of going after her family, taking them to the next level, because the things she said to me crossed my mind: ‘Are you going to kill me ?!’ Are you trying to take away the business I started to support my children? Because you are threatening that my Family.”

Beador continued, “There was another part of me that was going through this [saying], bravo! How many times have you practiced going through this in front of the mirror? Because it seemed very scripted to me. “

During her interview with Entertainment Tonight, Beador admitted that she still “bothers” her watching the episode that drowns everything at Dubrow’s sushi party. Beador’s girlfriend and co-star Gina Kirschenheiter was the one who told Dubrow during the party that Beador was the source of the gossip about the lawsuit.

“It still bothers me today to hear Gina and watch the episode and see that Heather thinks I had such bad intentions and that I had deeply rooted problems with her from the past, that can’t be. ” anything but the truth, ”Beador told the point of sale. “Well, it’s a little frustrating for me to see them think I am that person. But I am very grateful to those who supported me. “

This is not the first time Dubrow has starred in The Real Housewives of Orange County. Dubrow joined the franchise during season 7 and left after season 11. However, Dubrow revealed during an interview with StyleCaster in December 2021 that she had not kept up with the show at all after leaving.

“No,” Dubrow told the point of sale when they asked her if she’d seen the show after she got out. “Not a clip. I had seen photos. Look, I don’t live under a rock. You see a meme or something. the The only thing I did when I knew I was coming back was just watch a little clip of each of the girls just so I could hear them talk in action, but the clips weren’t from the show. They came more from interviews. “

Viewers can watch brand new episodes of “The Real Housewives of Orange County” on Bravo every Wednesday night at 9:00 p.m. Eastern Time.

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