Thursday, January 20, 2022

New ‘Summer House’ clip has fans questioning the stars’ relationship

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Summer House stars Amanda Batula and Kyle Cooke wed in September 2021. In the months leading up to their wedding, the couple filmed the sixth season of the hit Bravo show, which premieres January 17, 2022.

On January 10, Bravo was released a short clip from the upcoming season. In the preview, Batula called her now-husband several times while he was at a party in the early hours of the morning. After he didn’t answer any of her calls, she responded by throwing his toiletries on the bathroom floor. She also packed his luggage and put it in front of the front door. Batula’s roommates Paige DeSorbo and Ciara Miller decided to drop by her place. As the “Summer House” stars entered her bedroom, they noticed that she was sobbing. She explained that her “biggest fear is this [Cooke] would get so drunk one night that he would cheat [her] and he wouldn’t even know it happened.” She then pointed out that the entrepreneur admitted to being drunk and unfaithful to her during the show’s third season.

“Now every time he gets screwed up, it’s like a trigger for me,” Batula said.

On January 10, a A Reddit user shared the clip with the caption “Summer House Season Premiere Clip: I know you Guys love Kyle/Amanda but I don’t get know how they got married” on the Bravo Real Housewives subreddit.

Quite a few Reddit users shared their opinion on Batula and Cooke’s relationship in the comment section of the post. Many commenters said they understood Batula’s behavior in the preview.

“Ugh. I would honestly be super triggered and insecure too if I were Amanda, but there’s no way I could marry that person because of that. No one wants to feel insecure in their marriage! I was so mad at Kyle’s cop that he had no idea that he was f***ing with someone else, this way he gets rid of saying he lied to her, but then it makes her distrust him when he drinks since he seems to be himself not reminiscent of sh*** I know people say Kyle has changed but I’ve never seen a huge change from him when it comes to drinking excessively,” wrote one Reddit user.

“I can feel her frustration and it’s so upsetting. There’s nothing worse than having to call your friend over and over again just waiting for them to answer and give you some reassurance. I went through this with an ex and I never worried about cheating on him but knowing he sucked I just wanted to make sure he was ok and not do anything stupid/dangerous,” she added other added.

Some commenters also claimed that Batula should end her relationship with Cooke.

“It’s so sad to see. I dated and was engaged to a Kyle, but I realized that men like this NEVER CHANGE. The party life will always come first, even if they pretend to outgrow it. That fear that they’ll screw it up again never goes away either. Amanda if you’re reading this… RUN GIRL!” one person commented.

“Either you trust and move on or you don’t. That’s all I have to say,” wrote another commenter.

“I think Kyle isn’t the type to settle down. It may seem like a good idea to him at times, he may feel like it’s something he wants sometimes, but that’s not who he is and not really what he ultimately wants. But he’s not emotionally mature enough to see / admit it for himself or to tell Amanda and let her decide whether to stay or leave. He’s going to drag her around and shackle her, and she’ll be hurting and wasting her precious time and energy trying to build something that will never really be, ”added a third Reddit user.

During a joint appearance in December 2021 on the Behind the Velvet Rope podcast, Cooke and Batula spoke about their experiences as newlyweds. While Batula shared that their relationship hasn’t changed since they got married, Cooke claimed that “it feels good to put your stamp on her.”

“It’s a bit more official,” says the 39-year-old.

Batula also spoke about getting backlash over their relationship.

“I think the hardest part was the unsolicited advice and opinions from friends, fans and trolls. But you know, everyone is different, so you might not 100 percent agree with how I handled something because you’re not and that’s why you’re not with Kyle and I am,” the 30-year-old said laughing.

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