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Must Love at “Shark Tank”: How much does it cost, who are the founders and everything about the healthy Nice Cream

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Best friends Hannah Hong and Mollie Cha were struggling to find a delicious vegan alternative to ice cream, which led them to launch their Must Love brand

Going vegan was considered a nutritional trend a few years ago, but today it’s a whole lifestyle. From food to clothing, vegans make sure everything they use contains no animal or animal products. While there are several vegan alternatives to foods from plant-based meats to plant-based milks that can easily satisfy cravings, it gets a little tricky when it comes to desserts, especially ice cream.

Best friends Hannah Hong and Mollie Cha have always struggled to find a delicious vegan ice cream aka Nice Cream, which led them to launch their brand called Must Love. The two entrepreneurs will soon make their big debut in the upcoming episode of “Shark Tank,” where they’ll introduce the sharks — Mark Cuban, Daymond John, Kevin O’Leary, Lori — to their 100 percent plant-based “Nice Cream,” Greiner and Greiner Guest Shark Peter Jones. If you’re curious to learn more about Must Love, the brand’s latest update, and our guess on which Shark could close the deal, then read on.


What is Must Love?

Must Love is a Los Angeles based Nice Cream company founded by best friends, UC Berkeley graduates and second generation Koreans, Hannah and Mollie. The duo were interested in making plant-based choices, but quickly realized that plant-based doesn’t necessarily mean healthy. So they formed Must Love in 2016 to launch a new product for those wanting to make healthier choices when it comes to frozen desserts by taking the Pinterest trend called Nice Cream and turning it into a usable product transform that can be found in grocery stores nationwide. Made with real, simple ingredients and minimally refined sugar, Must Love features banana and oat milk-based Nice Creams in coveted flavors like Peanut Butter Swirl and Choco Choco Chip. Must Love makes everyday plant-based indulgence accessible to families everywhere. “Must Love brings all the creamy, indulgent nostalgia you want in ice cream, but without the dairy. We use all-natural, real ingredients to satisfy your sweet tooth,” the brand’s website reads.

All Must Love Nice Creams are:
On a plant basis: All the ingredients in Nice Cream are 100 percent plant-based and natural.
Sweetened with fruit: Unlike the other ice creams on the market, Must Love’s Nice Creams are not overloaded with refined sugars. The brand’s ice cream base is sweetened with either dates or coconut.

Hannah Hong and Mollie Cha are the brains behind Must Love. On the brand’s website, we find out in detail how the two best friends came up with the idea of ​​launching Must Love. “It was friendship at first sight and we’ve been best friends for over 15 years, through college, first jobs, marriages and more. One thing that changed over those years was our dietary needs – we both became lactose intolerant in our early 20s. One thing hasn’t changed – our sweet tooth.”

“After dinner, Mollie made something known as Banana Nice Cream for dessert. Frozen bananas in a food processor with a dash of almond milk. After the first bite, Hannah said to Mollie, “Those are BANANAS!” We call this our “Lightning Bolt” moment because we immediately understood why this had to exist in an easier-to-eat form in the world. It met all of our needs and more: dairy-free, simple ingredients, really tasty,” they explained.

But it wasn’t an easy road for the two ladies as they had to create multiple test batches to perfect the recipe. “Of course we froze that very first batch in our home freezer and realized the next day why nobody wrapped them that way. It was terrible! Super hard, impossible to scoop. But staying true to the ethos of our inspiration, we’ve made batch after batch of homemade nicecream, our poor husbands eating bowl after bowl of mediocre-tasting batches. After many batches, we finally had a scoopable, delicious recipe. This week Hannah quit her job. Mollie needed more convincing, but joined Hannah full-time later that year. And we created Must Love.”

What is the cost and where to buy Must Love?

Must Love currently offers three products: Pints ​​of Nice Cream, Frozen Dipped Nice Cream Bars, and Streusel. The pints cost $12 and come in four flavors: Banilla, Choco Choco Chip, Cashew Cookie, and Double Chocolate Chip. A box of four bars also costs $12 and comes in four flavors: Vanilla Banilla, Chocolate, and Crunchy Peanut Swirl. In addition to bananas, the products contain oat milk and coconut. The sprinkles retail for $2.50, while the variety pack is $20. You can buy Must Love Nice Creams on the brand’s website here.

The brand launched its latest product – Sprinkles – in July 2021. In an Instagram post announcing the new launch, the brand shared: “👋 Say hello to our newest treat – Must Love Sprinkles! These 11 fun sprinkles are all you need to top off the perfect birthday cake 🎂 the tastiest donuts 🍩 a yummy bowl(s) of ice cream 🍨 and more!⁠⁠ Our sprinkles come in two lines – matte and shimmery ✨ they’re 100 % plant-based, non-GMO and dye-free. Bright pops of color come from nature, spices and veggies, NOT artificial colors.”

Kevin O’Leary or Lori Greiner could steal the deal. The brand’s sales figures and profit margins will ultimately be the main deciding factors for Sharks to invest in the business or not. So we’ll just have to wait and see if the Sharks even make a deal.

Shark Tank Season 13 Episode 11 will air January 14, 2022 at 8 p.m. ET on ABC. Check out the latest episode featuring products like Must Love, Vabroom, Roq Innovation and Romper Jack.

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