Monday, January 17, 2022

Jed Mercurio hopes Vicky McClure will inspire female bomb disposal experts at Trigger Point

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The new show from the creator of Line of Duty follows the breathtaking world of the Metropolitan Police “Expos” who put their lives on the line

The ITV series trigger point follows the breathtaking world of “Expos”, the people who risk their lives to work for the Metropolitan Police’s bomb disposal squad.

exercise of duty Creator Jed Mercurio says he hopes his new drama starring Vicky McClure as a bomb disposal officer will encourage more women to train for the job.

The show is reunited exercise of duty Star McClure with executive producer Mercurio.

She plays Lana, a veteran bomb disposal ex-military officer who works alongside Adrian Lester’s Joel during a summer marred by a terrorist bombing campaign in London.

Produced with real-life “expos” offering on-set advice, from a script by debut TV writer Daniel Brierley, trigger point challenges the male dominance of real-life bomb disposal operations.

“In terms of gender balance in the world of explosives officers, it’s absolutely a very male-dominated environment,” Mercurio said.

“But we all know that professions should be more gender balanced and there should be much better conditions for entering these roles.”

“So it feels like a good statement to have a female lead — there are women who do these roles, and over time there will be more.”

McClure’s character “doesn’t fulfill her role in a feminine way, she’s just a professional. I think it’s really important in terms of representation. If we portray the world as male-dominated, we may be sending the wrong message to people considering this career.”

McClure, best known for her role as DI Kate Fleming in exercise of duty, said: “There are only a very small number of expos that work with the Met, and as far as I know, none of them are women. But there would be many female expos in the army. So I think it’s good that this is a story about a women’s exhibition, and that’s entirely possible.”

Speaking to real-life “Messengers,” the actress said she “learned things that felt like absolute madness, like taking my helmet off when I got close to the bomb, but then they explained to me that it would affect your vision or the.” Explosion could affect device if it slips, all those logical things, so you have to detach it to actually work properly around the device.”

Mercurio said he’s hoping for viewers to enjoy it exercise of duty, as well as his shows bodyguard and Vigil, would take trigger point. The secret of a successful thriller “is danger, mystery, and twists and turns. The trick is to make the twists as unexpected as possible.”

Shooting the show on location in London was “a challenge, as were the special effects required,” he said. “It’s always difficult to get access to films in London because it’s a big, busy city, and when we add that we want to blow things up, there’s an incredible amount of paperwork.”

trigger point starts on Sunday January 23 at 9pm on ITV.

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