Sunday, January 16, 2022

It’s about 58,000 euros Cologne "crime scene"-Star Joe Bausch has to go to court

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Joe Bausch plays a forensic doctor in the “crime scene” in Cologne. In real life, Bausch was a prison doctor with an official residence. That’s why the pensioner now has to go to court.

The “Tatort” actor and former prison doctor Joe Bausch has to answer to the Düsseldorf District Court next Tuesday for fraud. The public prosecutor’s office accuses him of not having paid a rent subsidy for his official apartment for six years.

It is the second attempt in the process: A trial date that was already scheduled for last October had to be canceled at short notice because the judge responsible was ill.

The trigger for the procedure is said to have been ten years ago: After Bausch took a month’s leave without pay in 2012, there was said to have been a “processing error” in the State Office for Salaries. After that, the remuneration for the official apartment of 801 euros per month was no longer deducted from his salary.

"Tatort" from Cologne: Behind Freddy Schenk, played by Dietmar Bär, stands Joe Bausch in his role as Dr.  Roth.  (Source: WDR/Thomas Kost)“Tatort” from Cologne: Behind Freddy Schenk, played by Dietmar Bär, stands Joe Bausch in his role as Dr. Roth. (Source: WDR/Thomas Kost)

Bausch’s lawyer Peter Wehn ​​spoke of an “accident” on the part of his client: “Joe Bausch simply didn’t notice that the remuneration was no longer deducted.” His client, who is also an author, also received other remuneration at the time. Bausch himself got the ball rolling when, after his retirement, he asked if he could use the apartment longer and asked that the rent subsidy be deducted as before.

The total is 57,672.72 euros over a period of 72 months. According to the lawyer, the doctor, who became known as an actor in Cologne’s “crime scene”, has already paid most of the money that was wrongly saved to the salary office. Almost 9,000 euros are still being disputed before the administrative court because of the statute of limitations.

The prosecution accuses the prominent pensioner that, as a civil servant, he should have pointed out the error to the salary office and did not do so in breach of duty and intentionally. Bausch was a doctor at Werl Prison in Westphalia for 32 years. Since 1997, the 68-year-old actor with the bald head has played the forensic doctor Joseph Roth in Cologne’s “Tatort”.

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