Tuesday, January 25, 2022

Is Taemin okay? Fans are concerned as SHINee star’s depression worsens after enlisting in the army

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“…his symptoms worsened recently, the military realized that it had become impossible for him to continue his military life,” his agency said

Taemin, one of the most popular members of boy band SHINee, has raised concerns among the global fan base following the shocking revelation of his mental health issues. The 28-year-old K-pop star was diagnosed with depression and anxiety, and his symptoms worsened while on active military service. Accordingly, he was transferred from the military band to civil service, where he will now complete the remainder of his conscription service.

As soon as the news of Taemin’s depression and anxiety broke from SHINee’s agency SM Entertainment, millions of fans worldwide flooded social media with support and solidarity for the singer. “We apologize for giving you cause for concern with this sudden news and we will remain focused on Taemin’s treatment going forward and do our utmost to ensure he finds stability,” SM Entertainment added towards the end of their add a public statement. Taemin is currently believed to be undergoing therapy and treatment to recover from his mental health issues.


The news left millions of SHINee fans or Shawols shocked and devastated as one of them tweeted, “Hearing that Taemin was truly heart broken deserves none of this. I hope the help he seeks is good for him and Taemin gets extra love and support along the way, wherever he is.”

Another fan wrote him an open letter, saying, “Taemin, you’ve done a great job and you’re doing great. I am very proud of you for getting the help you need and I hope this will help you find stability & strength & inner peace Be gentle with you I love you and I am faithfully waiting for you ㅠ <3 "

“Get well soon, one of my 5 stars, Taemin @SHINee #TAEMIN. May your heart be filled with peace and happiness again soon. I hope you and us Shawols can exchange happy smiles again in the future :)”, a third fan remarked .

A fourth fan shared: “Taemin, in such a short time you have become my brightest light, you truly deserve all the happiness in the world. I hope you can cuddle with Kkoongie now and see your hyungs to heal your heart. We will always be by your side #WeLoveYouTaemin”

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