Sunday, January 16, 2022

Insights into hotel life The jungle camp participants live so luxuriously – still

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Soon they are sitting around the campfire with cockroaches and other vermin. But the stars, who will soon be moving to the jungle camp, are still living in the luxury hotel. Tara Tabitha shows how well she and the others are doing now.

Finally that real jungle camp feeling again. After “I am a star – get me out of here” in 2020, due to the corona pandemic, only a significantly slimmed-down jungle show produced in Hürth was shown on TV, we can look forward to a real campfire again this year. More or mostly less known TV stars, internet personalities and dating show participants will fight for the crown of the jungle. But before RTL sends the twelve participants to the barren camp, the VIPs have another really good time. Ex- “Ex on the Beach” candidate Tara Tabitha shows how good that is.

On Instagram, the Austrian gives insights into the luxury hotel, which RTL jumps for its candidates. You can also see a video of it above. “Oh guys, we just have such a beautiful villa for the next few days,” Tara begins her tour of the house. “Everything is so big and so beautiful!”

A large bedroom, a huge living room with an XXL couch and of course a beautiful infinity pool with crystal clear water. “The pool is also heated, which means we can go in there 24 hours a day,” says TV fame. Here you can relax before the bunk bed and forest atmosphere determine everyday life. But she would probably prefer the luxury. “I want to stay here”; is her verdict on the luxurious accommodation.

Soon she will be living with Eric Stehfest, Linda Nobat, Janina Youssefian, Filip Pavlovic, Christin Okpara, Lucas Cordalis, Peter Althof, Harald Glööckler, Anouschka Renzi, Manuel Flickinger and Tina Ruland. They are all part of the 15th season of IBES. The show starts on January 21st.

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