Sunday, January 16, 2022

"I was about to start" glitch at "breakfast tv" culminates in a fit of laughter

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Live television is always good for surprises. On Friday’s “breakfast television” from Sat.1, this caused an unbridled moment of merriment.

Live is life! Taken from real life, unembellished and transferred to the medium of television, above all: uncensored and unedited. The fact that mishaps or incidents provide amusement at the expense of the moderators is an entertaining side effect of live TV. Daniel Boschmann in particular has to experience this on Friday on “Sat.1-Frühstücksfernsehen”.

He is together with his colleague Annika Lau, who will be in front of the camera for RTL from May, on duty from 5.30 a.m. – and evidently unable to fully concentrate on his “footwork” due to the morning’s zeal. As a snippet on social media shows, the presenter in the studio falls over a small ledge on the floor and then falls directly behind Annika Lau, who has just been in the presenter.

She can no longer contain herself and breaks off. A fit of laughter throws the presenter duo completely off guard. Both of them can’t stop laughing for minutes. “Well, I was just about to start. That’s how it is when you work with Mr. Boschmann,” Lau manages to get the situation right for the viewers.

Then another colleague from “Breakfast TV” imitates the incident and demonstrates to the television audience how and where exactly Boschmann fell. “How can you stumble like that,” laughs the moderator himself from the background – still visibly out of breath from the fit of laughter before. Then he has to ask for handkerchiefs because he even had to shed tears of joy during his fit of laughter and says: “I’m really exhausted now I have to say”.

The video of the breakdown is also doing the rounds on Instagram. Meanwhile, moderator Annika Lau uses the opportunity on her profile and jokes about the incident. In her story, the wife of actor Frederik Lau imitates her colleague and only writes with a wink: “Have a good start to the weekend … better than Daniel Boschmann”. We can only agree with that.

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