Tuesday, January 25, 2022

Heather Dubrow leaks cast members’ lyrics in Slamming IG post

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Heather Dubrow has receipts! The Real Housewives of Orange County star shared screenshots of a text exchange with new housewife Noella Bergener on Instagram.

Exchanging texts, she arranges a meeting with Bergener to clear up any uncomfortable feelings. However, it seems the 36-year-old had the last word, calling Dubrow, 53, a “really, really good narcissist” with her own “shrine” in her podcast studio. As Dubrow explained on her podcast, the shrines were three large display panels.

Bergener also criticized Dubrow for planning the meeting while filming a “commercial”.

The three messages begin quite harmlessly when Dubrow writes: “Hi! It’s so good to see you – sorry for everything you’re going through. Thinking of you.”

“Thank you very much. That’s very kind of you,” Bergener replied.

Hearting Dubrow’s last featured text, she read: “I’m glad you’re free tomorrow! Thanks for joining me – we’ve got a full weekend of shows at SHOP HQ so I’m just locked in a bit! I hope things are better in your world – see you tomorrow.”

“When you thank her for coming to your house to clean the air and get ahead because you work all weekend and she comes pretending not to know and ruins your business and your character. Well, all this and more at the reunion!” Dubrow captioned the Jan 13, 2022 post

Tamra Judge was quick to endorse Dubrow, commenting, “NOT COOL AT ALL! I’ve worked with housewives like this before and it sucks! But don’t worry, they don’t last long to know who you’ve “slammed”. Because that’s your style.”

Some followers called out Dubrow for a lack of text messages as no actual scheduling was shown. But as the Bravo star responded to a comment, “Our schedules have been coordinated through production. I just thanked her for coming over to my house to meet up when we had a break.”

Bergener quickly defended herself and shared Dubrow’s post on her Instagram story. Bergener wrote: “A good host knows his schedule. I was made to wait in my car in their driveway for 45 minutes. When I asked to use the toilet I had to wait 15 minutes for permission and then returned to my car. When I was finally allowed in, I entered an infomercial. This was a Saturday with my kids. I showed up when prompted. My time was not respected and plugging in products was clearly more important than feeling welcome.”

Dubrow quickly replied, “Not true… She was late… I have more lyrics! We’ll see each other when we meet again.”

Bergener wrote on her Instagram Story, “I don’t want beef with anyone but if you make me defend myself,” along with a screenshot of an email saying her meeting with Dubrow is at 4pm. On the following slide , she shares texts that appear to show she arrives six minutes early at 3:54 p.m

Dubrow elaborated on this on her podcast, Heather Dubrow’s World, explaining that she and her husband Terry sell their skincare line on ShopHQ on “Friday, Saturday, Sunday.”

“So that’s why she came onto my lawn and that’s why I sold something and she was late,” Dubrow explained. “I kept texting the producer, like, ‘Is she here? Let me know when she gets there because I didn’t want to go out on sale to sit by myself and wait for her to come.”

Dubrow continued, saying Bergener arrived during filming, so she held up her finger to sing “one minute.”

“If she had come on time, it would have been during the break, but she didn’t,” Dubrow said on her podcast. “Whatever, I didn’t care, and not for nothing. Am I trying to promote my successful business on a TV show? You’re damn right I am. Why shouldn’t I?”

It seems fans will probably have to wait for the reunion special to find out who was right.

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