Monday, January 17, 2022

Fans slam Terry Dubrow for selling ‘overpriced COVID tests’ on HSN

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Fans are not happy about Dr. Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star Terry Dubrow for selling at-home COVID-19 tests on the Home Shopping Network.

Fans roast Terry after he appeared on HSN and sold home test kits, which are in high demand in many cities, and increased their price.

Here’s everything we know:

Terry, a plastic surgeon, appeared on the Home Shopping TV show this week selling a set of five Flow Flex tests. The price point was $119 with a $19.83 payment plan over six payments.

The tests are sold at Walgreens for just $9.99, a premium of more than 50 percent. The kicker here is that these tests are in high demand due to the increase in omicron cases, leaving many people desperate for a kit.

According to The Hill, the lack of testing kits is partly because the FDA has signaled the vaccines as the end of the pandemic.

“Abbot shut down manufacturing of its home test last summer after the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) announced the vaccines were so protective they would reduce the need for frequent testing,” the outlet reported.

Fans fumed at Terry in the comments to the Instagram post, and couldn’t hold back their thoughts that the wealthy doctor is making money off the home kits.

“Paying that bill from the Nobu party,” one fan joked, referring to the lavish party Heather threw at RHOC.

“This should be illegal,” wrote another fan. “It makes me think so much less about Terry. What a terrible move on his part. Someone please make this illegal,” wrote another fan.

“As wealthy as they are, you’d think they’d say no here and there,” one commented.

“Now we have Dr. Oz here in Pennsylvania running for office… someone stop these TV doctors. Noooo,” wrote another fan.

“There’s sticky,” someone wrote. “And I’m angry,” wrote another.

“BS!!! That’s ridiculous. Shame on them!” wrote another fan. “That’s unfortunate,” commented another.

“Might as well benefit as the government and pharma companies do,” one fan pointed out. “This is disgusting,” wrote another.

“They bought them all to sell,” one fan wrote of the lack of test kits.

Alongside the scathing Instagram post, fans also took to Reddit to blast the TV doctor.

“Terry Dubrow selling overpriced COVID tests on a home shopping network to pay for a house for Dubrow’s Las Vegas Mall is everything that is wrong with our country,” someone wrote on the Reddit page of housewives

“What a total asshole,” someone wrote in the thread. “These go well with the $30 hand sanitizer and $50 mask kits they’ve been selling since the pandemic began. How many servings do these people need?” another person commented.

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