Sunday, January 16, 2022

Boris Johnson apologized for attending lockdown busting BYOB party at Downing Street

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Aside from a major Labor backlash, Johnson has also been slammed by some senior Tories who have called for his resignation over the latest reports.

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson has been inundated with calls for his resignation after he apologized on Wednesday January 12 for attending a Downing Street party during the May 2020 Covid-19 nationwide lockdown.

Johnson, 57, has been criticized on a range of issues, from his handling of the ongoing health crisis to the extensive renovation of his home. In light of this, reports that he had attended lockdown busting parties were another major blow to his government. Aside from a major Labor backlash, Johnson has also been slammed by some senior Tories who have called for his resignation over the latest reports.


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As reported by WION, the bombshell disclosure was made by Dominic Cummings, a former aide to Johnson. Labor leader Keir Starmer said the public believed the PM had “lied through his teeth”. He added: “The only question is will the British public kick him out, will his party kick him out or will he do the decent thing and resign? The Prime Minister is a man without shame.”

Meanwhile, senior Conservative MP Roger Gale said Johnson was a “walking dead” politically as it was now clear he had misled Parliament. “Unfortunately, what the Prime Minister said today puts people like me in an impossible situation,” he told the BBC, warning that the Tories could potentially hold a no-confidence vote in Johnson. “If the Prime Minister knowingly attended a party, I don’t see how he can survive after accepting resignations for much less,” added Nigel Mills, another Conservative lawmaker.

While apologizing for his actions, Johnson said he did not know how the incident would be perceived by millions of British citizens who have scrupulously adhered to Covid guidelines, with some unable to attend funerals of dying relatives. “And to them and to this House I sincerely apologize,” Johnson said, addressing the British House of Commons. “In retrospect, I should have sent everyone back in. I should have found another way to thank them (his staff),” he added, admitting he was present at the soiree for about half an hour.

However, social media was deluged with criticism of Johnson, with many slamming his apology. “It’s the silence that should worry Boris Johnson after these #PMQs. The silence behind him on the Conservative benches and in the corridors as they left. That wasn’t an excuse. It was the most shameful performance by a Prime Minister in the House of Commons in living memory,” Labor MP Wes Streeting tweeted.

“You can shove your ‘sincere apologies’ up your ass, along with your fabricated excuses and blatant lies, and pounce on it,” added reporter Jonathan Pie. “Excuse me. Boris Johnson had a near-perfect memory of events, schedule, policies and people present during his “apology” from near-complete amnesia about that party days later. So done with that apology from a leader,” commented former diplomat Dr. Jennifer Cassidy.

“Still upset about it: ‘Even though [the party] if you could technically say they fall under the guidelines, there would be millions of people who wouldn’t see it that way.” He doesn’t think HE is wrong. He thinks WE are. We – the public. It’s wrong to see it as breaking the law,” said GMB presenter Susanna Reid.

“If Boris Johnson thinks we accept his apology then he has misjudged the nation #JohnsonOut,” wrote one Twitter user.

“Boris Johnson’s ‘sorry’ was insulting. His only regret is getting caught,” chimed in another.

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