Sunday, January 16, 2022

Before his hit career Roland Kaiser: "I was a really bad car salesman"

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As a singer he became a star. However, his job as a car salesman was not always crowned with success. The 69-year-old has now revealed this in an interview.

With songs like “Santa Maria” he became one of the most successful stars in the hit industry in Germany. It’s hard to imagine the local music world without Roland Kaiser. But what many didn’t know: Today’s hit star once worked in a car dealership – in his own estimation not always with great success.

“I was a very bad car salesman,” said the trained car salesman on the Radio Bremen talk show “3 after 9”. He had “indulged in the truth too much,” he said in terms of sales pitches.

In an interview with Giovanni di Lorenzo, Kaiser explained what is important to him when it comes to cars: order above all. “Crumbling is something really terrible. Then I pull over and try to suck it out,” said the 69-year-old singer from Berlin.

Before his musical career, Kaiser worked in a car dealership in the capital. In the 1970s he celebrated his first chart successes – and eventually became a star who only had to enter car dealerships as a buyer.

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