Sunday, January 16, 2022

"At my expense" Britney Spears enraged by her sister’s performance

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Bitter sister dispute: Britney and Jamie Lynn Spears are currently in high spirits. The pop singer could not let some public statements stand.

It was a sensational TV performance by Jamie Lynn Spears on Wednesday in front of an audience of millions in the United States. Britney Spears’ sister tearfully told the ABC show “Good Morning America” ​​about the ailing relationship. It is the alleged alienation from the world star that made the 30-year-old cry. She dried her eyes with a handkerchief as she talked about her big sister.

But Britney Spears apparently didn’t touch all of that – and didn’t like it. The 40-year-old criticized her younger sister’s television appearance in clear words. The focus of the criticism: Jamie Lynn Spears will soon be publishing her memoirs and would only use her high-profile TV appearances for her own PR.

Britney Spears wrote on Twitter: “Two things bothered me about it.” For one, Jamie Lynn Spears said her big sister was “out of control” at the time. “At that time 15 years ago she was hardly with me. So why would she talk about it if not to sell a book at my expense?”

As a second point, Spears mentioned in her post her younger sister’s performances with remixed versions of her own music, which was also discussed in the interview. “I know it might sound like a silly thing to most people, but I wrote a lot of my songs myself, my sister was a baby.” Jamie Lynn has never had to work for anything. “I hope your book is a success,” Spears finally wrote.

Jamie Lynn Spears responded with a statement on Instagram: It is difficult to read such posts, she wrote. “Brit, I’m always here, you know I’ve always been here behind the scenes.” She wants to set things right as her family has been receiving death threats over Britney’s “vague and accusatory posts.”

In addition, the book will not primarily be about her sister. “I can’t help the fact that I was also born Spears and some of my experiences involve my sister,” she wrote.

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