Monday, January 17, 2022

As Senator Sinema fights filibusters, an old video promoting reconciliation emerges

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Furius net says “I can’t imagine selling my soul the way she did” after an old video surfaced of Sinema saying “it’s not uncommon” to use reconciliation

Sen. Krysten Sinema is currently facing a lot of heat over her staunch opposition to filibuster reform, leaving the Democratic Voting Rights Act dead in the Senate. She was heavily criticized by some of her peers and heavily trolled on social media. But like Senator Joe Manchin, she is sticking to her guns and resolutely refusing to back down. However, it appears her position is relatively new as an old video from 2010 has now surfaced showing Sinema actively campaigning for filibuster reform.

The video is now going viral as pressure mounts on the Arizona Democrat to get behind her party ahead of the crucial Midterms of 2022. In fact, she has been called a “covert Republican” more than once for refusing to support filibuster reform. It’s not the first time Democrats have been left hanging by the senator, who ironically also didn’t support a $15 minimum wage, despite claiming she grew up in a gas station.


“Democrats can look for other ways”

After meeting President Joe Biden on Jan. 13, 2021, the senator bluntly refused to budge, telling the press, “While I continue to support these (voting rights) bills, I will not support any separate measures replacing the underlying one.” sickness of division aggravated infecting our country.” But as the video shows, she was a very different person in 2010.

It’s unclear exactly where and when Sinema delivered the speech, but according to MSNBC producer Nick Ramsey, it was recorded in 2010 before Sinema became a senator. It’s a follow-up to a previous tweet in which Ramsey said, “When Barack Obama was president, Sen. Sinema advocated using reconciliation on health care reform to avoid a 60-vote threshold and avoid the need for the Democrats of the United States to vote.” Senate “kowtow”. moderate democrats.” He went on to say that she had “never been an absolutist on that point.”

In the video, Sinema attacks Senator Joe Lieberman, a Connecticut Democrat who served in the Senate from 1989 to 2013. “Democrats can stop bowing to Joe Liberman,” she says, if there weren’t pressure to reach the 60-vote mark in the Senate, which the filibuster is demanding. Sinema goes on to say they could “instead look for other ways to afford healthcare reform.” She then says the Senate will likely use “a process called reconciliation,” which many Democrats have advocated.

“That’s not unusual, by the way,” she continues, noting that the Republicans “did a lot of really bad things” despite never having 60 votes. “The reconciliation process is still available,” says Sinema, adding: “We will use it for good rather than evil.” Here is the video of those comments-

The video quickly caught the internet’s attention, racking up over a million views in a matter of hours. It also inspired a lot of trolling, with one user commenting, “I can’t imagine selling my soul the way she did.” Another user noted, “2010 Rants about Joe Lieberman 2022 Is Joe Lieberman.” One person trolled, “Your transition to the dark side was even worse than Anakin Skywalker.”

Another commented: “That’s poor @SenatorSinema. New improved millionaire Kyrsten doesn’t even know this girl…” One person said, “More evidence that power corrupts and absolute power absolutely corrupts,” while another trolled, “She reminds me of Meryl Streep in Don’t Look Up .”

It’s important to note that the reconciliation process that Sinema supports in the video is very different from the filibuster reform. Reconciliation is often used to pass budget legislation on which she, as a senator, has declined to publicly comment. Democrats are not currently seeking a reconciliation to pass the electoral reform bills, and it’s unclear whether Sinema would support such an effort if it did. But from the video to her current stance, it’s clear that Sinema has drastically changed her views on how the Senate should work.

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